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Furniture for people with autism - SWS Group
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Rocking Chair for people with autism - SWS Group
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Autism Friendly Chair - SWS Group
Sensory Furniture for Autism - SWS Group


Easily cleanable and highly durable, RockSmart® Rocking Chair is GREENGUARD certified and available in a variety of attractive colours. The generous arc provides a relaxing and safe rocking action, while the securely affixed nylon runners protect floors and rear bumpers indicate the limits of safe rocking. It has an anti-ligature design with no internal openings.

The therapeutic rocking action of  RockSmart® Rocking Chair can help people with autism and other behavioural and mental disorders. 

RockSmart® Rocking Chair comes in two sizes and weights to fit your needs: Rockmart® Rocker 18 and RockSmart® Rocker 16.  Rocker 18 is slightly taller, wider and deeper than Rocker 16, but both have a heavier formulation should your facility need a more secure ballasted rockerPlease download the brochure and product specifications below to see current available colours.